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  1. Rollin’ Nolan, Tyler’s Dream
  2. Cracklin’ Fire 2-Step, Reg Bouvette Memorial 2-Step, Deloreys
  3. Min Fogel’s Waltz, Sunshine Waltz
  4. Keith’s Hill, Heritage Mountain Hornpipe
  5. Big Dipper Jig, Paul’s Jig, Kirkness Jig, Dining Hall Jig
  6. Gramma’s Waltz
  7. Stockyard Reel, Let’s be Reel, Lefty’s Hornpipe
  8. Harvey & Jo
  9. Waiting for Jimmy Flett
  10. Aretha’s Waltz
  11. Calvin’s Culvert, 3 Days in Miami
  12. Rumpus Room Reel, Mother Thacker’s Oyama Special
  13. Just New
  14. Jimmy Walker 2-Step, Triple J 2-Step
  15. Hogs in the Tater Patch, Kenderdine
  16. Walkin’ the Dog
  17. A September Mourning

Recorded at Astromonical Studio’s, St. Paul AB., Canada. Copyright 2002 CVCD-302, CV-302
Produced & Engineered by Calvin Vollrath
www.calvinvollrath.com calvin@calvinvollrath.com

Calvin ~ Fiddles, Guitars, Bass, Electric Mandolin, Fiddle Pickin’, Spoons & Cloggin
Trent Bruner ~ Piano
Freddie Pelletier ~ Lead Guitar (tracks, 3, 8 & 13)

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© Calvin Vollrath Music 2012 4513-45 ave St. Paul Alberta Canada T0A 3A3