List of Calvin's Compositions

This is a catalogue of tunes that Calvin has composed from 1980 - 2021.

If you want to record any one of these tunes, the fee is 8.5 cents per tune / per unit. So if you're making 1000 CDs, the fee is 85.00. I will send you a letter of permission stating how many units you have permission to make and this will be emailed to you once payment has been made. All of Calvin's tunes are registered at SOCAN and also CMRRA. You need to get permission from Calvin or CMRRA in order to record any of his tunes. There is a contact form on the home page of this site to contact Calvin Vollrath Music.

# - F's

  1. 2 Js Guy
  2. 2’sday 2’nes 2’step
  3. 37,000 pieds
  4. 9 X 8 Reel
  5. A Bundle of Joy
  6. A Country Rich
  7. A Frame Jig
  8. A Gift From God
  9. A Golden Penny
  10. A Lighter Shade of Blue
  11. A Minor Adjustment
  12. A Mother’s Lament
  13. A Pair of Aces
  14. A Papa’s Love
  15. A Rose for Bob
  16. A September Mourning
  17. A Showgirl Farewell
  18. A Tad Shadey
  19. A Tune for Kai & Lia
  20. A Twist of Lemelin
  21. A Waltz for Andy & Wilma
  22. A Waltz for Betty Ann (G. Stobbe)
  23. A Waltz for Eva (S. Sabir)
  24. A Waltz for Sharon
  25. A Waltz for Vi
  26. Aggie Pilon’s Dream
  27. Al McVicar's Jig
  28. Alberta’s Centennial Waltz
  29. Alex Lamoureux Breakdown
  30. Alex MacDonald of Creignish
  31. Alex Maduck Polka
  32. Alfie’s Country
  33. Alternator Breakdown
  34. Alton Craig
  35. André Brunet’s Reel
  36. Andre Trinque 2-Step
  37. Andy Roussin Reel
  38. Andy's Hornpipe
  39. Angela's Waltz
  40. Ann Campbell’s Waltz
  41. Annie’s Waltz
  42. Antoinette
  43. April's Waltz
  44. Aretha's Waltz (A. Greatrix)
  45. Arkansas Tim
  46. Art & Marg's Reel
  47. Art Jamieson's Jig
  48. Auntie Lily
  49. Auntie Ruth's Waltz (T. Vollrath)
  50. Autumn in Vermont
  51. Back Country Gold
  52. Baddeck Schottische
  53. Bambi & Thumper (A. Greatrix)
  54. Banana Sunday
  55. Bannock Country
  56. Barre Vermont Two-Step
  57. Barry Gilchrist Reel
  58. Bazurka (G. Stobbe)
  59. Beach House Swing
  60. Beans & Bingo Polka 2-Step (T. Kushneryk)
  61. Bedtime Lullaby
  62. Before the Sunrise (J. Arcand)
  63. Belt Creek Jig
  64. Bennett’s Reel
  65. Bernie Harris' Waltz
  66. Bethany
  67. Bev’s Tall in the Saddle
  68. Big Dipper Jig (J. Arcand)
  69. Big Terry Little
  70. Bill Matiation Polka
  71. Billie Jo & Micki Lee
  72. Birch Hills
  73. Birdie Polluter Jig (A. Verch)
  74. Blaine’s Reel
  75. Blue Heron Country
  76. Blueberry Bluegrass
  77. Blueberry Jam
  78. Bob Montgomery Hornpipe
  79. Bob Ranger Reel (The)
  80. Bonjour comment ça va
  81. Bow Valley Fiddlers Breakdown
  82. Breakdown of August 27th
  83. Brian's Country
  84. Brother John Polka (J. Arcand)
  85. Bruce & Gail, Forever in Love
  86. Bruce Armitage Reel
  87. Bruce Wilson's Waltz
  88. Bryan Gear
  89. Bunnyville Hop
  90. Bushman Reel (J. Arcand)
  91. Byron and Lillian
  92. Byron Berline’s Jam
  93. Cactus Jack (J. Arcand, G. Stobbe)
  94. Cal & Fred (J. Lee)
  95. Calabogie Boogie
  96. Cal’s Tune (in Nashville)
  97. Calvin’s Camp 2-Step
  98. Calvin's Culvert
  99. Calvin’s Trip to Cape Breton
  100. Camille Lavallee Reel
  101. Canada’s 150th Birthday Party Jig
  102. Canadian Grand Masters Waltz
  103. Canadian Veterans Reel (J. Arcand)
  104. Candlelight Serenade
  105. Canso Causeway Clog
  106. Cape Emma (B. Stubbert)
  107. Carl Elliott Hornpipe (R. Foster)
  108. Carm Butchart Reel
  109. Carnival Waltz
  110. Carol
  111. Carrot River Stomp
  112. Cat Gut Boogie
  113. Catherine's Red Hat
  114. Cathy’s Dedication
  115. Cats and the Fiddle
  116. Cave & Basin Two Step
  117. CBC Jig (G. Stobbe)
  118. Champagne and Roses
  119. Chanda Gibson's Waltz Clog
  120. Charlie Walden’s Hoedown
  121. Charlotte’s Waltz
  122. Cheverie’s Reverie
  123. Chicken Hill
  124. Chinook Winds
  125. Chirps & Williams
  126. Chuck Joyce Waltz
  127. Chuck Skinner Breakdown
  128. Clarence & Simone
  129. Claude Brown Reel
  130. Claude Huard Reel
  131. Clinton P. Boogie
  132. Clumsy Squirrel (The) (J. Arcand, G. Stobbe)
  133. Colette’s Country
  134. Comme çi comme ça
  135. Compliments to Brenda Stubbert
  136. Compliments to Pembroke
  137. Compliments to Senator Hubley
  138. Compliments to Vancouver
  139. Compliments to Willie Hunter (R. Foster)
  140. Composers' Waltz (A. Verch)
  141. Connie’s Capers
  142. Cool Cat Clifford
  143. Country Nights
  144. Country Swing
  145. Cowboy Lullaby
  146. Crackin’ Peter McCracken
  147. Cracklin’ Fire Two Step (J. Arcand)
  148. Craig Sterry
  149. Crystal Plohman’s Waltz (J. Arcand)
  150. Curtis and Ivan's Two Step
  151. Dancin' in Cabin 9
  152. Dancin’ Round the Christmas Tree
  153. Dancing Northern Lights
  154. Daniel Ladouceur Polka
  155. Daniel Lapp Reel
  156. Daniel’s Run (G. Stobbe)
  157. Dani’s Smile (DG, BH, MS, KH, CM)
  158. Danita
  159. Danno Gervaisky
  160. Danny & Julie Boisvert Two Step
  161. Danny Perreault Reel
  162. Daria
  163. Dawn Beaton’s
  164. Delorey's
  165. Denis Brisson Reel
  166. Dennis Alexander’s Violin
  167. Dennis Harrington Jig
  168. Derek’s Hornpipe (J. Arcand)
  169. Desmond Lagace
  170. Diamond Jubilee
  171. Dining Hall Jig (J. Arcand)
  172. Dog Rump Creek
  173. Don Guillemette Hoedown
  174. Don Pettigrew Memorial Waltz
  175. Don Pfeifer Breakdown
  176. Don’s Old Waltz
  177. Don’t Rag on Me
  178. Donna
  179. Donny’s Rockin’ Fiddle
  180. Double Stop Two Stop
  181. Down at the Blue Fiddle Tent
  182. Dreams of Going Home
  183. Duhemes (The)
  184. Dum-De-Di-De-Diddily-Do
  185. Echo Valley Waltz (K. Hucalak)
  186. Edna & Arnold’s Waltz
  187. Eileen’s Waltz
  188. Eleanor Townsend Memorial March
  189. Eleanor’s Surprise
  190. Elk Point
  191. Ellen's Waltz
  192. Emma Lake Air (Danny Fortier)
  193. Emma Lake Polka (J. Arcand)
  194. Emma's Waltz
  195. Eric Provencher’s
  196. Erin Kelly Reel
  197. Erna's Reel
  198. Ethan, the Fiddlin’ Blacksmith
  199. Everett Larson's Waltz
  200. Fallen Soldiers
  201. Felix Desrosiers
  202. Fern Foubert’s Waltz
  203. Fern Lalonde’s Reel
  204. Ferrel’s Fancy
  205. Festival of Strings Hornpipe
  206. Festival Place Breakdown
  207. Fiddle Dee, Diddle Dee
  208. Fiddle Gumbo
  209. Fiddle River
  210. Fiddle Struttin’
  211. Fiddler Crik
  212. Fiddler Dave's Birthday Reel
  213. Fiddles of the World
  214. Fiddlin' in the Park
  215. Fiddlin’ Cam Baggins
  216. Fiddlin’ Mabel
  217. Fiddlin’ Webb
  218. Fiesta Labrie
  219. Fine Wine and Richard Calihoo
  220. Five Weeks of Good Beer
  221. Flat Cap Reel (J. Arcand)
  222. Flee Bat Reel
  223. Florence Downie Country
  224. Florence Gaucher Reel
  225. Fly in the Puddin’
  226. For a Rich Mann
  227. Fort Edmonton Reel
  228. Forward! March!
  229. Foster’s Challenge
  230. Franceene's Waltz
  231. Frank & Julie’s Waltz
  232. Franklin Rag
  233. Frantic Frenchman
  234. Fred Russell's Jig
  235. Friendship (B. Hebert)
  236. Frontier Fiddlers Jig
  237. Full Moon Jig

G - M



Galloping Itch Jig

Garry Lepine Reel

Garth’s Brook

Gary & Bonnie’s 50 Year Swing

Gary Greene Breakdown

Gary, the fiddlin’ Cowboy

Gaston Nolet Reel

Gates of Troy

Gavin Lake 2-Step

Gene Michael Hornpipe

Geoff & Val’s Tune

Gilbert & Kay Anderson’s 1st Change

Gillian’s Dream

Glen E's Nott

Glenn Gibson Waltz

Gloria's Waltz

Golden Gould

Gordon & Sandra’s Wedding Waltz

Gordon Stobbe Breakdown

Graham Sheppard’s Jig

Graham Townsend Memorial Reel

Gram Marie

Gramma's Waltz (K. Hucalak)

Grandpa Bayne Reel

Grandpa’s Girls

Great Canadian Reel (The)

Greg Henry the 6/8th

Greta's Rose

Gulberwick March (R. Foster)

Hail to Gloria's Clipper

Hairy Hill

Hannah’s Celebration

Happy Hour Reel

Harley & Sylvia’s Waltz

Harrington Valley Two-Step

Harry Gill Jig

Harvest Calypso

Harvest Moon

Harvey and Jo

Hazel Katherine’s Waltz

Headin’ South

Heather of the Hills


Helen & Doug’s Jig

Henry Henderson’s Hornpipe

Heritage Mountain Hornpipe

Hey Dude!

Highway 28

Hjatland Two-Step

Hogs in the Tater Patch

Hole in One Jig

Holland Jig

Homecoming Reel


Hope Slide

Horse Fly Jig

Horshoes up my Arcand

Howie MacDonald Reel

Hubert Dacier Jig

In Emma’s Moonlight

Indian Summer

Iron Horse Trail

Irvin Behm Reel

Isobel & Sandra

Ivor Scollay’s Jig

Jacinthe Trudeau’s

Jaclyn's Waltz

Jammin’ in my Jammies




JCT Two-Step (J. Arcand, T. Bruner)

Jean Duperrault (J. Arcand)

Jean Snider’s Waltz



Jerry Holland’s Shuffle

Jerry’s Jig

Jess Lee


Jiggin' at the OK Corral

Jiggin’ Mac Morin

Jim Hickey Hornpipe

Jimmie Dow Hornpipe

Jimmie Walker Two-Step (J. Arcand)

Jimmy the Compère

Joclyn's Waltz

Joe Delan

John & Vicki’s 2-Step

John Arcand Stomp

John Guy Reel (J. Arcand)

José McKay

Joyce’s Country

JP Cormier’s Reel

Judgement Day

Judy Borer’s Waltz

Juliette Dacier Waltz

Julie’s Swingrass

Jury Jig

Just New

K-Days Promenade

Kahuna Klog

Keith McNally

Keith Wilson’s Hornpipe

Keith’s Hill (J. Arcand)

Kelli Trottier

Ken McConnell's 1st Change
      (J.Arcand, G. Stobbe)

Kenderdine (J. Arcand)

Kid Garlic Rides Again

Kiddie Carnival

Kiera's Waltz

Kiki’s Breakdown

Kimberley Holmes Reel

King Louis III

Kirkness Jig

Kississing Lake

Klipper’s Jig


Kyle Charron’s Breakdown

La belle maman

La famille Poulin

La galope à Ray Bazinet

La galope à Roger Dallaire

La gigue à Jacquelin Guerette

La gigue Legault

La valse à Dédé Proulx

Lakeland Promenade

Landing Pad Polka

Last Balls in Pine Falls


Laurie & Brian’s Waltz

Laurier Sauve Reel

Laverne Hummel Special

Le Dionne Dôntôn (T. Bruner)

Le grand Bertrand

Le reel de St-Paul

Le Reel Denis Lanctôt

Le reel Germain Leduc

Le reel Michel Allard

Le Reel Ooh La La (D. Pierce)

Le reel St. André

Le reel Ti-Gars Plante

Leave it to Cleavers

Leaving Inverness

Lee Deyette 2-Step

Lefty's Centennial Waltz

Lefty's Hornpipe

Len Grace Jig (R. Foster)

Leon Malinowski's Waltz

Leonard’s Breakdown

Leo’s Ready To Step
Les & Oz

Les frères Chevrefils

Les Grébou d’Ascot Corner

Les quatre beaux-frères

Les Tourbillons

Let’s be Reel (J. Arcand)

Lieutenant Governor's Waltz

Linda Allen’s Reel

Linda Hudson Hornpipe (J. Arcand)

Lionel Gilbertson’s Waltz

Little John MacNeil

Liz & Jamie’s 50th

Lloyd Bogle’s Reel

Lloyd’s Tune

Lone Bull

Loretta Fitzpatrick March

Lorimer Higgin’s Reel

Los treinta y tres mineros

Lucky Lucas Reel

Lucy & Larry
Ma's Birthday Reel

Ma Tante Denise

Mackenzie Chapel

Maple Creek Breakdown

Marcel Arpin

March of the Franks

Marg Coté Reel

Margaret & Alan of Shetland

Marilyn Gillespie’s Waltz

Maritime Fiddle Festival
    60th Anniversary Jig

Mary & Marv

Masters March West

Mathew Johnson’s Jig

Mattitoba Contois

Maurice Billette’s Reel

Me, Gene & Roy

Mel Bedard's Reel

Mel Poupore Waltz

Meleskie’s Polka


Memories of Emma Lake (L. Ferley)

Michael Audette’s Reel
Michael Gilmore's Tune

Michel Mallette Reel

Mighty Dan

Mike & Aileen’s Waltz

Mike Sanyshyn’s Reel

Min Fogal’s Waltz (J. Arcand)

Minnie’s Clog

Miss Alda

Miss Jacie

Mist Over Cape Smokey

Misty Mountain Air

Misty Ridge

Mo & Me

Mom, This One's for You

Mon oncle Edmond

Mon oncle Paul

Monsieur Poisson

Montana Bon

Moonlight in Montana

Moose Mountain Breakdown

Mother Thacker's Oyama Special
         (B. Montgomery)

Mr. Douglas Foster

My Carnegie Roots

My Girl Karra

My New Brunswick Fiddling Friends

My Other Brother Darrell Polka

My Other Brother Gary Schottische

My Three Treasures

N - Z


Nakamun Reel

Natalie MacMaster’s

Norma & Len
Nuevo Grass (B. Berline)

Oaks of Cobden

Okema Swing (J. Arcand)

Old Willow Down

On the Mark, Sullivan

One for Donnell

One for Lyle Dixon

One Step d’Armande

One Step Two Step

Our Special Day

Oyama White

Papa’s Two Step (A. Vollrath)

Patti Kusturok's Waltz

Paul Dacier Reel

Paul's Jig (P. Vollrath)

Peace River Valley

Pembroke Memorial Swing (B. Hebert)

Penman Swing

Pete’s Country Classic

Peter Dawson’s Party

Petite Irene

Pleasant Dreams

Polson Polka

Prairie Hoedown (D. Pierce)

Prince George Jig

Pullin’ Mallaig
R. Harlan's Country

Rainy Day Waltz (J. Arcand)

Ramblin’ Landon Reel

Randy Jones 2-Step

Randy, The Fiddlin' Fireman

Ray Legere’s Breakdown

Real & Carmen’s Anniversary Waltz

Red Bluff Tex

Red River Trails (J. Arcand)

Reel Les blés d’Or

Reel of the Buffalo

Reel P'tit Jean Lambert

Reel René Pure Laine Dacier

Reg Bouvette Memorial 2-Step
     (J. Arcand)

Réjean Simard Reel

Remembering You, A Waltz for Mur

René Coté

René Lajoie Two Step

Renovation Reel

Riel Aubichon’s Tune

River Point Reel

Robbie Dagenais Reel

Robert & Shirley’s Waltz

Robert Vallée’s Waltz

Roddy the Roadie

Rodney Krip Reel

Roger Landry Waltz

Roger Lanteigne’s Reel

Rollin' Nolan

Roma MacMillan Waltz

Ron Bourque Reel

Ron’s Swing

Rosie & Vi

Roundup Promenade (T. Buckley)

Roxie’s Trot (J. Arcand)

Roy Warhurst Breakdown

Rumpus Room Reel (B. Montgomery)

Running Shoe Jig

Russell's Reel

Rusty Reid Reel

Ruth Townsend’s Serenade


Rydin’ with Stan

Sailing with Ty

Salute to Ray Brisson

Sandy Cameron March

Sandy’s Garden Waltz

Sashay Up, Sashay Back


Shades of Shetland

Shane Cook Breakdown
Sheila Irene

Shelley & Dave

Sherryl MacLeod's Jig

Shorty Freeman

Siamese Waltz

Sid the Kid

Skin Boy Rag

Skippin’ Holme

Slumber Party Waltz (R. Foster)

Smilin’ Ruth Commo

Smokin' Bow Reel

Snowbird Swing

Soirée in Paris

Somewhere in Sweden

South Hill Strutters

Sparky & Johnny

Spring Creek

Springtime in New Brunswick

St. Edouard

St. Ray Germain

St. Vincent Reel

Stan Lennox 1st Change

Steele Reel

Stephen Harper’s Country

Stew Tiff Drinks

Stockyard Polka/Reel

Strings of Pearl

Sunnyside Schottische

Sunshine Lucette

Sunshine Waltz

Sweet 16

Sweet Kathleen

Sweet Marie

Swingin’ Bill Reid

Swingin’ George Brothers

Swingin’ on a Sklar

Swingin’ Under the Willow Tree

Swingin’ With Joey

Swingin’ Yvon Guillemette

Swinging Bridge (R. Foster)

Swirvin' Irvin (D. Stremel)

Syd & Nettie’s Waltz


Tamarack'r Down

Tanya Dawn Waltz

Teepee Creeping


Thanks to Emma
The Ballad of Joe Loutchan

The Big Apple

The Blueberry Dance

The Boscombe Hillbilly Jam

The Cagey Cajun

The Canadian Military March

The Cocky Red Chicken

The Country Phair

The Coyotpractor

The Crook

The Crowded Room

The Cullivoe Band

The Dancing Rose

The Fiddle Roosters

The Fiddlin’ Kiddlins

The Golden Years

The Grand Ballroom 2-Step

The Great Eastern Jig (D. Pierce)

The Jig

The Jiggin’ 2-Step (R. Foster)

The Manitoba High Fivers

The Masons

The Metros of Paris

The Morin Farm Jig

The Myhres

The New Millennium Waltz

The North Saskatchewan River

The Octagon Gathering

The Old Carlton Trail (G. Stobbe)

The Old Wagon Wheel

The Ovington Boys

The Pinetree Savages

The Real World
The Reel of the Métis

The Reel George Linsey

The Rideau River Waltz

The Road to Anglin Lake

The Shores of Bras d’Or

The Smiling Silas Rea

The Sponsorship Scandal

The Symphony Fiddler

The Twin Roth Waltz (P. Kusturok)

The Waltzing Polka

The Waves Crashed Round (D. Pierce)

Thomas Clark Reel

Three Days in Miami

Three Moons (J. Arcand, G. Stobbe)

Tim Horton’s Jig

Today I Married Claude's Sister

Toilet Clog (The)

Tom Hutchinson’s Waltz

Tom Jackson (J. Arcand, G. Stobbe)

Tom Wilkinson Breakdown

Tom’s Rose

Tony & Fred

Too Close for Comfort (R. Wood)

Top Cat

Trent & Wally

Triple J Two-Step

Troy MaGillivray’s

Turkey in the Raw

Two Step Huguette

Tyler's Dream

Uncle Louis’ Schottische


Under the New Moon

Valse LeMoire

Valse Susan

Vic Garbutt’s Classic Country Waltz

Violet Tulloch’s Waltz

Vivian Hicks Waltz

Wabamun Breakdown

Waiting for Jimmy Flett (J. Arcand)

Walkin the Dog

Waltz Café

Waltz in Blue Moon

Waltz of Ann Allen
Waltz of Heather Fox (The)

Waltz of Joyce Montgomery (The)

Warren’s World

West Coast Reel (D. Pierce)

Whitecaps in the Ditch Rhapsody

Whitehorse Two Step

Who Let the Skunk Out?
Wild Alberta Rose (A. Greatrix)

Wild Bill Chalifoux

Wild Calgary Fiddlers Rag (The)

Wild Rose Fiddler’s Waltz

Wilfred Prosper’s Reel
Wilson & Lucie

Winner in Wintapeg (T. Bruner)

Winnie’s Clog

Would you waltz with me?

You All Jump Up & Never Come Down

Yuletide Swing

Yvette Carriere Waltz

Yvon Cuillerier


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