Calvin's 1st recording, released in January 1982. Calvin's 69th recording, released in May 2019


In 1982, Calvin released his 1st recording; in 2019, he released his 69th recording 'The Gift', a tribute to his God given gift he has been given for composing music. On this recording, you will hear 19 new compositions. He is often referred to by the older generation as 'The K-tel of fiddler players'.

Below is the names of all the albums that he has released in chronological order.
You can now complete your 'Calvin Vollrath Collection' as they are now all available for download in the Vollmart.

1. The Reel Thing
2. Red River Jig & Other Old Time Fiddle Favorites
3. Fiddlin’ Again
4. New & Used
5. Wild Alberta Rose
6. Cat Gut Boogie
7. Too Close for Comfort
8. Cracklin’ Fire
9. Métis Old Time Dance Tunes
10. Red River Trails
11. Playing 20 of my Favorites
12. Old Time Favorites, Vol 1
13. Live from Calvin’s Kitchen
14. Something Different, Instrumentally Yours
15. Live from Randy’s Kitchen
16. Tamarack’r Down
17. Jiggin at the OK Corral
18. Thanks to Emma
19. Country Fiddle
20. Let it Jig, Let it Jig, Let it Jig (Xmas)
21. Live from Mon Oncle Edmond’s
22. UFO Sessions 99
23. Bonjour comment ça va
24. A collection of Pattern Dances Vol I
25. A collection of Pattern Dances Vol II
26. Square Dance Tunes (without calls)
27. Fiddillennium Vol I
28. Fiddillennium Vol II
29. Steppin’ Out
30. Precious Melodies (Gospel)
31. Fiddlin’ My Way
32. Autumn in Vermont
33. Live from Our Place
34. This Old Tune
35. Uncommon Sense
36. Friendship
37. Calvin Vollrath Waltzes
38. Fiddle According to Cal
39. New Fiddle Classics
40. Maple Sugar & Other Old Time Favorites
41. Car Tunes
42. Just for the Swing of It
43. Strings of Pearl
44. Métis Style Fiddle
45. Air Mail Special
46. The Big C
47. The Big C02
48. Looking Back, 25 years of Recording
49. Fiddle
50. 50
51. Country Fiddlin’
52. Dancing Northern Lights
53. Tunes from my Past
54. Fiddle Nation
55. The Homecoming
56. Spring Creek
57. Unmistakable
58. Super'CALiFIDDLE'istic
59. Vintage Vollrath
60. The Journey
61. 'Certified' Canadian Fiddler
62. 'Approved' Canadian Fiddler
63. Fiddle Lickin' Good
64. A Fiddle of This, A Fiddle of That
65. TGIF (Thank God it's Fiddle)

66. Me, Myself & I
67. The Old Wagon Wheel
68. Tunes I Think I Should Know
69. The Gift