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Launched on Oct 8, 2018, this series of online fiddle lessons offered at all levels and accessible on all your devices 24/7 will expand your repertoire for dances, contests and jam sessions. You will find Beginner-Novice-Intermdiate-Advanced levels of Calvin Vollrath compositions, Standard jam Tunes & Metis tunes. Plus there's a theory lesson & some Cal Tips, good advice to make you a better player.

These are available as a subscription, monthly or yearly, where you get access to all the videos, sheet music and backing tracks. These video lessons are also available as purchase or rental options. You can purchase/rent individual videos. If you purchase, you get access to the video, sheet music & backing tracks for life. If you rent, you get access for 3 days.

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Learn-A-Tune (LAT) Video Lessons

In this store you can purchase videos of tunes that Calvin will teach you. They are mostly originals but you'll find some traditional tunes as well. He plays the tunes at a slower speed and you can see where his fingers are being placed on the finger board. A great way to learn and very inexpensive for you. There's nothing fancy about them.  Video taping was done in his office as if you were sitting in his office getting a private lesson, watching his fingers. Ah, you gotta love modern day technology!!  After purchase, you will automatically receive a link via e-mail to download the video.

You're buying an insructional video.

So if & when you purchase a video(s), you will automatically get a link to download. Click on it and you'll receive a video to download into your computer. Remember where you put it in your computer...

 If these videos become popular and folks get into using them, Calvin will add more videos.

Click here to see a video of Calvin playing "The Dining Hall Jig" slowly for you to learn.

If there is a tune you'd like a video for and it's not on the site already, Calvin will do you a video for $75.00 plus gst and if it's a Calvin original, you'll also receive the sheet music for the tune. If it's a tune he's not familiar with, he probably wont be able to help you out. Feel free to click on 'Contact Us' tab and ask the question if it is a tune Calvin is familiar with. If he is, click on the button down below to purchase your $75.00 video lesson.

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List of Videos:
  1. Fiddle Instruction Vol 1
  2. Alex Macdonald of Creignish
  3. Bazurka
  4. Bonjour comment ça va
  5. Calvin's Camp Two-Step
  6. Curtis & Ivan's Two-Step
  7. Dining Hall Jig
  8. Don Guillemette Hoedown
  9. Everett Larson's Waltz
  10. Gilbert & Kay Anderson's 1st Change
  11. Graham Townsend Memorial Reel
  12. Jacinthe Trudeau's
  13. Jiggin' at the OK Corral
  14. John & Vicki's Two-Step
  15. Kelli Trottier
  16. Little John McNeil
  17. Min Fogal's Waltz
  18. Red River Jig
  19. Romeo's 1st Change
  20. Sailing with Ty
  21. Sid the Kid
  22. Sunshine Waltz
  23. Terri-Lynn
  24. The Canadian Military March
  25. The Octagon Gathering
  26. Tim Horton's Jig
  27. Victor's 39th
  28. Wabamum Breakdown
  29. Wind that Turns the Mill
You pick the tune you want
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You pick the tune you want. If it's a Calvin tune, you'll also receive the sheet music. It could take up to 7 days to get the video to you.

If it's a tune that Calvin is not familiar with, he may not be able to do the video for you.

Be sure to go to the 'Contact Us' page to let us know what tune you'd like the video for, before paying for the video.

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Fiddle Instruction Volume 1
  • Fiddle Instruction Volume 1
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'Theory According to Cal' is a 1 hour lesson. If you are a beginner or a fiddler that has been playing for a while, this lesson is for you. This lesson will help you develop your ear so you can recognize common sounds and licks in most every tune. Learn this simple approach and you're well on your way to learning more and more tunes, quicker. Calvin plays by ear and this has nothing to do with reading notes. You will also learn a couple of tunes as well.

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