My summary of his incredible talent is as follows, Calvin Vollrath is to the fiddling world as Itzhak Perlman is to the classical violin world.

Nelson Ferguson, Nova Scotia

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24th CD Release Concert

A 2-hr online concert video celebrating the release of 2 new CD's and featuring many special guests showcasing the new compositions.
You won't want to miss it! 

Click the picture to go to the YouTube link!

2020 CD's

20/20 Fiddlin' - Calvin Vollrath & Friends

1. Le reel Ti-Gars Plante
2. Hazel Katherine's Waltz
3. Connie's Capers
4. The Waves Crashed Round
5. Canso Causeway Clog/Howie MacDonald
6. Gary & Bonnie's 50 Year Swing
7. Sweet Kathleen
8. Hjaltland Two-Step
9. Eileen's Waltz
10. The Ovington Boys
11. The Boscombe Hillbilly Jam
12. Judy Borer's Waltz
13. Rodney Krip Reel
14. Dixie
15. Cave & Basin Two Step

20/20 Fiddlin' - Calvin Vollrath & Friends
Edition 2

1. Big Terry Little
2. Petite Irene
3. Double Stop Two Stop
4. My Girl Karra
5. Ramblin' Landon Reel
6. Warren's World
7. Dani's Smile
8. Sedante
9. Jeremy
10. Juliette Dacier Waltz
11. Daniel Lapp Waltz
12. Hubert Dacier Jig
13. The Symphony Fiddler
14. Harley & Sylvia's Waltz
15. Lucky Lucas Reel

Camp Calvin 2020

Rhea & I are excited to announced that Camp Calvin will be streaming online for 2020! With today's technology available to most everyone, we feel this is a great alternative to the traditional camp and you can join us from wherever you are in the world for one low-cost registration fee! The Camp Calvin website has been updated with all the information, read all about it under 'Information' and register today.

July 20 - 23, 2020

Covid-19 Pandemic

Amid this covid-19 pandemic, we musicians have found ourselves unemployed during this time. Whenever there's been need to raise funds, for whatever reason, musicians are called upon to entertain folks to help raise money for that cause, being that personal or community. Now, like many others occupations that there's no work, we musicians are in need of help.

If you know a musician and you're able to help them out in any way, I know it would be greatly appreciated in their time of need.

I have lost all of my contracts for the remainder of the year. We hope & pray that things will settle down soon so we can get back to work.

You could help my family out greatly buy purchasing cds, mp3s, sheet music, music books, online video lessons, single teaching videos, any of my products on my website. This way, I would have some income coming in and you get something to keep you occupied & entertained during this time. 

I have also set up a donation button below if you just wanted to make a donation. You can donate any amount you feel comfortable with. Any donation will be greatly appreciated. I will send you a digital gift of appreciation for your donation. I thank you in advance for your consideration on this. We hope to be back playing music real soon...

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Here's a tune written for the 30th anniversary of the Wild Rose Fiddlers Old Time Fiddlers Association this past year. This fiddle group is based in Edmonton, AB for which I belong to.

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