I can only say Calvin Vollrath is a powerfully entertaining, inspiring and influencial figure in the international world of folk fiddlers

Avery Ellisman
San Diego, California 2012

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What's your favorite Calvin Tune?

What's your favorite Calvin tune to play or in general?



What tune would you like to learn. Maybe Calvin will teach it to you.


Camp Calvin

Suggestions on Camp Calvin workshop topics.


Dear Calvin

Get Calvin's advice on anything fiddle or the old music business in general.

307/07/2014 by Calvin

Fiddle Competition Advice

Advice on your contest set

106/08/2012 by Calvin Vollrath

Fiddle Pick Ups

What do you use & why.

105/10/2012 by Calvin Vollrath

Calvin Vollrath Fiddle Videos

Discussion for Calvin's fiddle tunes learning group.

103/23/2016 by Joe Lavariere