Tunes I Think I Should Know (MP3) 2018

Calvin Vollrath

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This album is the brainchild of our dear friend, Donna Ingram.

She comes to Camp Calvin each year and she wanted to raise money for the Art 'Lefty' Vollrath Memorial Bursary. Art is Calvin's father and he was a wonderful old time fiddler. He passed away in 1988 and the bursary was set up in his name at the inception of Camp Calvin in 2007.

Bursaries go to musicians 17 years & younger to help them with their camp tuition. It is funded by door donations at the evening concerts during Camp Calvin, personal donations from some great folks and now from sales of this album that Donna has funded.

Donna has chosen some of her favorite tunes that she thinks we should all know and asked Calvin if he would recorded them. He's done all the instruments on this album. A mix of some great traditional tunes, some John Arcand tunes, Andy DeJarlis tunes, a Lee Creemo tune, a couple of Calvin tunes & a tune that Donna composed for Calvin.

Thanks Donna for just being you. You are loved by all that meet you.

We are not selling individual tracks from this recording, just the whole album.

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