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  1. Air Mail Special
  2. Charmaine
  3. Short Boy
  4. Cherokee
  5. Mona Lisa
  6. Slipped Disc
  7. Skip It
  8. Bernie's Tune
  9. Whispering
  10. Straight No Chaser
  11. Out of Nowhere
  12. Boogie, No Woogie
  13. Raisin' the Dickens

If you’ve ever had the notion that whatever fun was to be had elsewhere, you wouldn’t trade what you were doing at the moment, you know exactly how I felt during the three days I spent in Nashville participating as a sideman in the Air Mail Special session.

To describe this as simply a twin fiddle album wouldn’t begin to do it justice. Buddy Spicher and Calvin Vollrath, two of the finest fiddle players I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, have produced a CD that takes fiddle harmony playing to a new level. The tasty violin solos, twin single lines, and Bob Wills-style “over and under” sounds are stunning enough, but you’ll hear something else on this fine recording that your ears may not believe - Buddy and Calvin each playing two parts simultaneously. The resulting harmony on many of these tunes is a sound so full, so compelling, you’ll think you’re listening to a jazz fiddle quartet.

Add to the mix the great Buddy Emmons, whose phrasing and musical ideas long ago transcended mere steel guitar lick, Paul Kramer on electric mandolin, Taylor Coker on bass, and Jim White on drums, this band was as tight, as locked in, as musical, as any I’ve ever had the privilege of playing with. It was a pure pleasure to be included in this session and I couldn’t be more proud of the result.

Give it a listen and I think you’ll understand why I wouldn’t have traded those three days at Buddy Spicher’s Fiddle House for anything.

Mike Dowling

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