Fiddling My Way
  • Fiddling My Way


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  1. Monsieur Poisson
  2. Full Moon Jig
  3. The Waltz of Joyce Montgomery
  4. Willow Springs
  5. The Jiggin’ 2-Step
  6. Danny Perreault Reel
  7. Gram Marie
  8. Jerry’s Jig
  9. Winnie’s Clog
  10. Bill Matiation Polka
  11. Bruce Armitage Reel
  12. Harry Gill Jig
  13. Smilin’ Ruth Commo
  14. Kahuna Klog
  15. My Other Brother Darrell Polka
  16. Fly in the Puddin’
  17. Estrellita
  18. Stan Lennox 1st Change
  19. Swingin’ Bill Reid
  20. Garry Lepine Reel

CVCD-101 (CD)
Recorded at Astromonical Studio’s, St. Paul AB., Canada. Copyright 2001
Produced & Engineered by Calvin Vollrath

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