Instrumentally Yours, Something Different
  • Instrumentally Yours, Something Different
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PLEASE NOTE: 1CD's & Books are no longer available but can be purchased as digital downloads. Go to the mp3 download page and download the album there or go to the Music Book Download Page to purchase the book. You will receive a link to download PDF files.

  1. Jim Hickey Hornpipe
  2. Everett Larson’s waltz
  3. Clarence & Simone
  4. Before the Sunrise
  5. Mist Over Cape Smokey
  6. Art Jamieson’s Jig
  7. Zupfneign’
  8. Daria
  9. Smokin’ Bow Reel
  10. One Step Two Step
  11. Le Dionne Donton
  12. 5 Weeks of Good Beer
  13. Chanda Gibson’s Waltz Clog
  14. Randy, the fiddlin’ Fireman
  15. King Louis III
  16. Le Reel Denis Lanctot
  17. Roma McMillan Waltz
  18. Sherryl MacLeod’s Jig
  19. Jean Dupperault

All tunes written by Calvin Vollrath except:
Before the Sunrise & Jean Dupperault ~ co-written with John Arcand
Le Dionne Donton ~ co-written with Trent Bruner

Calvin Vollrath ~ fiddle & clogging
Trent Bruner ~ piano
Richard Chernesky ~ lead guitar
Darryl Campbell ~ steel guitar
Derek Stremel ~ acoustic & bass guitars
Ralph Ament ~ acoustic guitar
Bill Hobson ~ drums
Alphonse Delorey ~ spoons

Recording Studio Midi City, Edmonton Alberta
Produced & arranged Calvin Vollrath
Executive producer Hank Smith
Engineer “The Dominator”
Cover photo Barry Sherwood
Inside photo Margaret Vollrath

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© Calvin Vollrath Music 2012 4513-45 ave St. Paul Alberta Canada T0A 3A3