The Old Wagon Wheel (CD)
  • The Old Wagon Wheel (CD)
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New CD (2018)

  1. Barry Gilchrist Reel
  2. Aggie Pilon’s Dream
  3. Donny’s Rockin’ Fiddle
  4. Waltz of Ann Allen
  5. Fort Edmonton Reel
  6. Ann Campbell’s Waltz
  7. Crackin’ Peter McCracken
  8. Gary, the fiddlin’ Cowboy
  9. The Old Wagon Wheel
  10. Edna & Arnold’s Waltz
  11. Florence Downie Country
  12. Headin’ South
  13. Laurie & Brian’s Waltz
  14. Happy Hour Reel
  15. Ethan, the fiddlin’ Blacksmith
  16. Calvin’s Fancy Fiddling

All tunes composed by Calvin Vollrath except Calvin’s Fancy Fiddling composed by Brenda Stubbert

Musicians Calvin Vollrath - fiddle, octave fiddle, lead, rhythm & bass guitars, mandolin, banjo, spoons, clogging

Paul Dacier - piano (#1)

Jeremy Rusu - piano (#4) & accordion (#2)

JP Cormier - lead guitar (#16)

Bruce Hoffman - steel guitar & lead guitar (#11)

Recorded at Astromonical Studio, St Paul Alberta

Produced and Engineered by Calvin Vollrath

Arrangements by Calvin Vollrath

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