My summary of his incredible talent is as follows, Calvin Vollrath is to the fiddling world as Itzhak Perlman is to the classical violin world.

Nelson Ferguson, Nova Scotia

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Fiddle lickin good
  1. Roy Warhurst Breakdown
  2. Shelley & Dave
  3. Klipper's Jig
  4. Bedtime Lullaby
  5. Wilfred Prosper's Reel
  6. Lloyd's Tune
  7. Chinook Winds
  8. Sunnyside Schottische
  9. 2'sday 2'nes 2'step
  10. Country Nights
  11. Renovation Reel
  12. A Rose for Bob
  13. Réjean Simard Reel
  14. Forward! March!
  15. One for Lyle Dixson
A fiddle of this that rdr
  1. Roger Lanteigne's Reel
  2. Hope
  3. Golden Gould
  4. Hey Dude!
  5. Waltz Café
  6. Blueberry Jam
  7. Clinton P. Boogie
  8. Jiggin' Mac Morin
  9. Michael Audette's Reel
  10. Alfie's Country
  11. Ferrel's Fancy
  12. Would You Waltz With Me?
  13. My New Brunswick FIddling Friends
  14. Sashay Up, Sashay Back
  15. Nuevo Grass
Tgif rdr
  1. Kyle Charron's Breakdown
  2. The Shores of Bras d'Or
  3. Don't Rag on Me
  4. St. Vincent Reel
  5. You All Jump Up & Never Come Down
  6. Chuck Joyce Waltz
  7. Snowbird Swing
  8. Mighty Dan
  9. Bunnyville Hop
  10. Isobel & Sandra
  11. Fiddlin' Webb
  12. Ma Tante Denise
  13. Pullin' Mallaig
  14. A Showgirl Farewell
  15. Elk Point
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SPECIAL GUESTS: The Next Generation Leahy

WOW!! What a weekend! On May 27-28-29, Calvin Vollrath held his 23rd annual Spring Fling, a 3-day extravaganza to celebrate the release of 3 new CD's of original compositions in the beautiful Morinville Community Cultural Centre.

The party started on Friday evening with a delicious roast beef supper followed by an Old Time Dance with mucis by Calvin Vollrath & friends. During the evening, the dance was interrupted for a one-hour 'blow your socks off' performance by The Next Generation Leahy. This multi-talented family of eight didn't disappoint with their high energy show.

On Saturday evening, fiddle fans gathered once again at the centre to hear a handful of the 45 new compositions and again witness the wonderful Leahy family in action. Prior to the evening concert, fans were invited to attend a 3-hour fiddle jam in the back room of the Morinville Cultural Centre.

Sunday afternoon saw the 15th annual Fiddle Gala. Another great afternoon of music with some very special guests. The guests joining Calvin on stage this year were Randy 'the fiddlin' fireman' Foster, Daniel Koulack, Alex Kusturok, Byron Myhre and two young fiddlers Brianna Lizotte and Hardy Kryvenchuk-Loomis. This fun, imprompt afternoon concert always pleases the masses.

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Calvin Vollrath plays the opening number at Spring Fling 2016.

'Klipper's Jig & Roger Lanteigne's Reel'


Upcoming Events ~ July 17-21 & July 23-27

Ccp 1

A multi-generational music camp offering quality instructions at all levels in fiddle, guitar & piano.

Go to for all the details.

NEW in 2016 ~ 2'sday 2'nes

2'sday 2'nes is a 12-week Fiddle Lesson Program that will be offered again from Sept to Dec 2016.

For 12 weeks, registered students will receive 2 Calvin Vollrath originals for a total of 24 new tunes in 3-months. Every Tuesday, students will receive via email 2 video lessons, the MP3s, the corresponding sheet music and some Cal Tips', about everything from double bowing to shifting positions to getting rid of squeaks & more. 
Click here to read all about it, to register and to read endorsements from fellow fiddlers that play Calvin's tunes.
Watch a demo of the program here.

You can still sign up for Session 1 and receive all the lessons at once or you can purchase the lessons individually for $35.
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Vollmart and see the list of weekly lessons and the tunes that were taught.

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Brand New!!!.....You can now purchase Fiddle Lesson Videos in Vollmart as well. Calvin has about 30 individual tunes uploaded now for you to download. He has also uploaded his 1 hour instructional Video called "Theory According to Cal". This is a great video if you want to learn how to fiddle, already fiddle but not exactly sure how it all works or you've been fiddling a long time and really don't understand how it all works. Calvin explains how it all ties together in a nice simple way, because it really is simple. he unlocks your ability to learn faster. Click here to go to Fiddle Lessons.

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  1. 1 Arcandsaw Traveler 02:39 Info
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  2. 2 Running Shoe Jig 02:49
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  3. 3 A September Mourning 02:42
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  4. 4 Turkey in the Raw 03:12
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  5. 5 Jose McKay 02:41
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  6. 6 Pete's Country Classic 03:42
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  7. 7 The Big Apple 02:58
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  8. 8 2 Js Guy 03:12
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  9. 9 Going to the Barn Dance Tonight 03:27
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  10. 10 Grandpa's Girls 03:51
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  11. 11 Sailing with Ty 03:12
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  12. 12 Belt Creek Jig 02:42
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  13. 13 Steel Guitar Rag 03:18
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  14. 14 A Maiden's Prayer 03:32
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  15. 15 Air Mail Special 04:46
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  16. 16 Cherokee 05:20
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  17. 17 Somewhere in Sweden 03:47
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  18. 18 Bethany (Waltzes) 03:14
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  19. 19 Lord of the Dance 03:47
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  20. 20 Le reel de St. Paul 03:02
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  21. 21 Fiddler Crik 03:20
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  22. 22 Carl Elliott Hornpipe 02:56
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  23. 23 Spring Creek 03:17
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